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You are what you eat

This is absolutely horrifying.  And to think that one of these is opening in Dallas soon just makes me cringe.  The Huffington Post ran an article on this place recently because their 575 lbs spokesperson died.  Their tagline is (ironically) “food worth dying for.”  But, is it really worth dying for?  It just looks gross to me.  I guess if you are over a certain weight then you can eat there for free.  That just sounds like trouble to me…

So, then on the other hand you have documentaries like Food Matters, which preaches about the importance of a primarily raw, plant-based diet.  This documentary was actually very interesting, though it scared me a little bit because I know that I don’t eat a diet of 51% raw food.  The point that this documentary makes is that our food these days is so nutritionally deficient that that is the real cause for so many chronic illnesses. Continue reading


Moment of weakness

I had a horrible moment of weakness the other day and had a (very) late lunch at Chick-fil-a.  Curse them and their delicious, delicious spicy chicken sandwich… Continue reading