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Good-bye Hatch Chile Season

hatch pizza

It’s over… well, mostly over. Hatch Chile season is coming to a close, and that makes me incredibly sad. Why does Pumpkin Spice get four – five months and the poor Hatch Chile only gets 1? Not fair.

Well, while they have it available, get your fill of the Urban Crust Hatch Green Chile Pizza. We tried it the other week and I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when it goes away.

(Hatch green chile base on hand stretched dough, roasted sirloin, queso fresco, topped with tabacco fried onions & fresh cilantro)


New Korean Stall in the Food Court

Oh man, it’s seriously been a while. What can I say? I’m lazy and work has been a bitch. But, with the little one on the way I may find myself with a lot more time on my hands than I know what to do with. Might as well start this up again, right? Right.

So, last night, after a fairly exhausting week at work, I convinced the Hubby to go to the Food Court for dinner. It’s located in the Jusgo (formerly Asia World Market) shopping center.

If you haven’t been, it’s an interesting hodge podge of Asian restaurants and one random Cajun restaurant. Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Boba Tea.

We haven’t been in a while, and I noticed they opened up another Korean restaurant called Hodori (Korean text reads: Boon Shik which roughly translates to something akin to “comfort food”).


I had to try it. It’s new, it’s Korean, there’s no way I’m not going to give it a shot. So, I ordered the Kimchee Fried Rice and some Gim Mari with Dukbokki. Continue reading

Sapporo Ramen – Plano, TX


A ramen shop opened up near our house so we decided to check it out. The Sapporo Ramen & Grill is located near the Asia World Market on Legacy Dr in Plano, TX. It’s in a renovated former frozen yogurt shop. As you can see in the photo above, they’ve covered up where the fro-yo dispensers were with cleverly placed framed pictures. It almost looks like it was done on purpose. Continue reading

I Love Spam!…and L&L

Holy Mother of God do I love Spam.  I don’t know what it’s made of, and I don’t want to know.  All I know is that I’m addicted to its salty goodness.  And while Spam by itself is pretty great, Spam and rice is heaven.  It’s very homey to me.  My mother frys spam bits with kimchee and makes fried rice that way.  It’s a delicious, delicious combination.  You should try it.  Salty and spicy…  mmmmmmmmm…..

Continue reading

Sushi Fridays – Densetsu in Plano, TX

The Hubby was craving sushi, so we went out for some last night.  As usual, we ordered waaaaay too much and we were stuffed to the point of uncomfortable by the time we left.

But would I change that?  Never!  LOL.


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It’s always better RA

Been a super busy week!  I haven’t even gotten a chance to update from the weekend.

So, here goes.  We got lunch at RA Sushi in Plano on Saturday.  It’s been a little while since we’ve been to RA, only cause sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for this kind of a splurge.  Continue reading

Happy anniversary!

My darling Hubby sent me a tiny edible arrangement to my office for our anniversary!  He’s so thoughtful.  And, he knows me so well.  Most women may prefer to get flowers (and flowers are good every once in a while), but give me something to eat and I’m a happy camper.  Continue reading