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7 Salsas – Skip the Salsa Bar

A co-worker’s boyfriend works for Chase, and happened to have a coupon for 30% off at this restaurant called 7 Salsas.  The stipulation was that you had to be a Chase employee to take advantage of the deal.  Of course, all of us came up with elaborate backstories of how we work for Chase, yadda yadda yadda, which we were totally going to tell the waiter if he gave us trouble.  But, as is usually the case, they didn’t care.  We just showed the coupon and that was that.   Continue reading


Damn Good Tacos

The Hubby works at TI, and his new group goes out for lunch together on Wednesdays.  They will often visit a taco joint called Torchy’s Tacos.



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South Padre Island

Ahhhhhh!  Vacation.  Was there ever a nicer, more relaxing, word?  Since we had a three day weekend, the Hubby and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip down to South Padre Island, TX.  We had never been before, and I was missing the beach after 3 years of living in Texas.

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Dinner and a little club salsa

Last night we decided to be a little adventurous and try out Gloria’s in Addison (they’ve also got a location in Dallas, but Addison was closer to us.)  We’ve heard the food there is really good and on the weekends it turns into a salsa club at 11pm.  Continue reading