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Groupon – Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet

Been on a bit of a Groupon kick lately.  The other day there was a Groupon deal for buy one, get one free for Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet in Richardson, TX.

It was ok.  I still prefer Ali Baba’s, or possibly even Fadi’s.  I can pretty much sum this up in one sentence: Big selection, average taste.  There’s a lot to choose from, and it even has some more American items on the buffet line (like fried chicken) in case you’d like a little more variety, or you’re dining with people who are not particularly adventurous eaters.

All in all, it was a great deal with the Groupon.  But, I probably won’t be back.  Even though Ali Baba’s is a little more expensive, I like the food there better.


Celebration Dinner at Giovanni’s in Dallas

Dolmeh from Giovannis

I got some amazing news today.  I went in for a final interview with my dream company, and I got offered the position!  So, pending any unforeseen circumstances, I will be in a new job in a few short weeks. Continue reading