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Soon Du Bu Adventure

A few weeks ago, the Hubby and I went to H-mart to buy groceries for the week.  We went a little early and decided to get lunch at the To Dam Gol Tofu House.  It’s located in the same strip of shops as the H-mart in Carrollton.

We’ve eaten here quite a few times since their Soon Du Bu is really good.  They’ve also got a pretty traditional Korean feel to the whole place. If you’re not familiar with Soon Du Bu, it’s a spicy Korean stew that is made with tofu and other ingredients.

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Last Day

So, Friday was my last day at my old job.  Yay!  I’m taking a week off, and then the Hubby and I fly up to CT on Friday for his commencement ceremony, where he will then be officially crowned “Dr. Hunny.”  While we’re in CT, we plan to spend a day in NYC, which I am super excited about. Continue reading