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My SXSW trip 2012

Super late again.  LOL.  I know that SXSW (South by Southwest) was weeks ago, but work has been crazy and I haven’t had the energy to update posts.  Blurgh.

So, here it is, weeks later.  😉  My SXSW trip.  We got into Austin mid afternoon, and after dropping off our stuff at the Driskill (GORGEOUS hotel, btw) we made our way towards the convention center.  On the way, we stopped by the Mooseknuckle to grab lunch.  I got the BBQ brisket sandwich and the Hubby got pulled pork.  We ended up liking the other’s sandwich better and switched.

Both sandwiches were good.  Little disconcerted that they took our credit card when we placed our order and kept it until we finished eating… but I heard that’s common for bars.  The wait staff was incredibly friendly, which was nice.  Food took a little longer that I would have thought considering they only had about 5 things on the lunch menu to choose from.

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Brother’s Engagment Ceremony Trip

A few weeks ago the Hubby and I took a trip up to Chicago for my brother’s engagement ceremony.  His fiancee is Vietnamese and comes from a very traditional family.  So, our whole immediate family went to Chicago to participate in the ceremony. Continue reading

South Padre Island

Ahhhhhh!  Vacation.  Was there ever a nicer, more relaxing, word?  Since we had a three day weekend, the Hubby and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip down to South Padre Island, TX.  We had never been before, and I was missing the beach after 3 years of living in Texas.

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Commencement Trip

Wow, oh wow. What a trip.  Just the thing I needed before starting my new job.  I was so proud to see my Hubby walk across the stage and get his Ph.D.  *sniff sniff.  They grow up so fast. Continue reading

Sunday Dim Sum

Sunday, the Hubby and I had a craving for dim sum, so we went to our favorite dim sum place in Richardson–Kirin Court.  This place is really good.  Yes, we’ve had better in New York/Flushing/San Francisco, but for Dallas I think this place is the best.

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Bread Winner’s Cafe

Went to Bread Winner’s Cafe for lunch today.  I got the Grilled Veggie Sandwich and the Hubby got one of their Brunch specials for the day.  Some kind of Cajun Omelet thing.  My sandwich was pretty tasty.  It had a garlic aioli and pesto with some grilled veggies and a side of fresh fruit.  The Hubby’s dish had andouille sausage and chicken with eggs and a hollandaise sauce and a side of potatoes.

Honestly, although it was pretty good, I don’t know if I would go out of my way to go back.