Sapporo Ramen – Plano, TX


A ramen shop opened up near our house so we decided to check it out. The Sapporo Ramen & Grill is located near the Asia World Market on Legacy Dr in Plano, TX. It’s in a renovated former frozen yogurt shop. As you can see in the photo above, they’ve covered up where the fro-yo dispensers were with cleverly placed framed pictures. It almost looks like it was done on purpose.

IMG_20130210_142331 IMG_20130210_142320 IMG_20130210_142246

So, let’s talk about food. The ramen is pretty good. It’s got a nice broth and the noodles are tasty. I got the hot and spicy ramen (of course) and it was good. Would I crave this in the middle of the night, probably not, but it’s good for what it is. The Hubby got the roast pork ramen, which pretty much tasted like a not spicy version of what I got.

We also got an order of tempura veggies, which was light and lovely. the onion rings were done particularly well.

All in all, if I had a hankering for ramen, I’d probably go here cause it’s so close by. Again, it’s not mind blowing but it’ll hit the spot, and the prices aren’t half bad either.



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