I Love Spam!…and L&L

Holy Mother of God do I love Spam.  I don’t know what it’s made of, and I don’t want to know.  All I know is that I’m addicted to its salty goodness.  And while Spam by itself is pretty great, Spam and rice is heaven.  It’s very homey to me.  My mother frys spam bits with kimchee and makes fried rice that way.  It’s a delicious, delicious combination.  You should try it.  Salty and spicy…  mmmmmmmmm…..

Anyway, back to why I’m in love with the Spam Musubi from L&L Hawaiian Barbeque.  There’s a location right here in Plano not too far from our house.  What is Spam Musubi you may ask?  Other than the best thing to happen to Spam since Monty Python, spam musubi is a block of rice with spam wrapped with dry seaweed.

I could probably eat this everyday and not get sick of it, but that’d be highly unhealthy for me.  *sigh

The Hubby is not as thrilled about spam as I am.  Actually, not sure if he ever had spam before he met me.  So, he opted to get the Hawaiian Plate (Lau Lau & Kalua Pork).  It’s hefty pork chuck wrapped with taro leaf, steamed to perfection, and served with savory, smoky-flavored Kalua pork.  It was tasty!  He enjoyed it quite a bit.

Since my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I also got the special of the day, which was teriyaki pork.  At first I enjoyed it, but after a bit it was a little too sweet for me.  And, I think there might have been some ginger in there, and I’m not the biggest fan.

So, the Hubby ended up with garbage disposal duty again and had to eat the rest of my plate while I happily devoured the two ginormous spam musubi all by myself.

Also lots of fun were these Hawaiian Sun drinks.  Strawberry Guava nectar was my preference.  It’s yummy!




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