7 Salsas – Skip the Salsa Bar

A co-worker’s boyfriend works for Chase, and happened to have a coupon for 30% off at this restaurant called 7 Salsas.  The stipulation was that you had to be a Chase employee to take advantage of the deal.  Of course, all of us came up with elaborate backstories of how we work for Chase, yadda yadda yadda, which we were totally going to tell the waiter if he gave us trouble.  But, as is usually the case, they didn’t care.  We just showed the coupon and that was that.  

A few of my co-workers are doing low-carb, and they were excited to try this place out since it has a special low-carb section.  So, we all pile into the car, about 6 of us total, and met my co-worker’s boyfriend at the restaurant.

With a name like 7 Salsas you’re bound to wonder if they have, indeed, 7 different salsas.  Well, they do, but you might as well skip it.  It’s a dirty, teeny little metal serving station with a vinyl banner that reads “Salsa Bar” pinned to the wall above it.  It’s kind of squirreled away in the corner near the door.  Alone and forgotten.

No matter!  We were curious and took it upon ourselves to try each of these 7 salsas.  I kind of wish we hadn’t.  They tasted pretty terrible.  But, I guess you gotta have a gimmick.


Luckily, the food fared better.  I got the Michelle’s Tampiquena.  Rib eye strips cooked in a spicy ranchera sauce served with rice, beans and guacamole.  Fairly tasty.  My only complaint is that the portion was kinda small, and I was still kind of hungry afterwards.

My co-worker got the Beef Fajita salad, which came with a whopping 4 strips of beef.  So, she was pretty disappointed.

All in all, we didn’t run screaming from the building, but it’s highly unlikely we’ll be back.  The rest of my comrades were also not extremely impressed with their food.  Ah well, worth a shot!  At least we had a coupon.



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