Sushi Fridays – Densetsu in Plano, TX

The Hubby was craving sushi, so we went out for some last night.  As usual, we ordered waaaaay too much and we were stuffed to the point of uncomfortable by the time we left.

But would I change that?  Never!  LOL.



We went a sushi place that’s a few streets over called Densetsu.  Business looks pretty good ’cause it was packed when we got there.  We actually had to wait a little while and even then we only managed to get seats at the sushi bar.  Which was fine, that’s what we came for after all.

The prices are a little on the high end, but once you see the rolls you’ll know why.  These rolls are HUGE.  GINORMOUS.  I mean, $13 for a roll may see hefty, but then you see the roll and it’s like you got two in one.  So, it ends up being a pretty good deal in the end.

My only complaint is that the rolls are a bit too big.  I like variety, and the Hubby and I can’t really order a plethora of rolls (like we normally do) if we want to eat it all.  Oh, if you’re wondering, yes, we finished every last bite of our dinners last night.  Our waiter was very surprised.

My favorite thing I ate last night was probably the Ahi Tower.  The combination of flavors, with the touch of sweet, really hit the spot.

We should probably cut back on how many rolls we order here, but it’s so good!


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