My SXSW trip 2012

Super late again.  LOL.  I know that SXSW (South by Southwest) was weeks ago, but work has been crazy and I haven’t had the energy to update posts.  Blurgh.

So, here it is, weeks later.  😉  My SXSW trip.  We got into Austin mid afternoon, and after dropping off our stuff at the Driskill (GORGEOUS hotel, btw) we made our way towards the convention center.  On the way, we stopped by the Mooseknuckle to grab lunch.  I got the BBQ brisket sandwich and the Hubby got pulled pork.  We ended up liking the other’s sandwich better and switched.

Both sandwiches were good.  Little disconcerted that they took our credit card when we placed our order and kept it until we finished eating… but I heard that’s common for bars.  The wait staff was incredibly friendly, which was nice.  Food took a little longer that I would have thought considering they only had about 5 things on the lunch menu to choose from.

After some confusion at the convention center, we finally got to where we needed to go.  Worked a bit, and then we all headed out to dinner at Casino el Camino. The place was super packed!  With SXSW in town, we were lucky to get seats.  The Hubby ordered the L.A. Burger, which he said was yummy, and I ordered the Politically Correct sandwich.  Holy mother of God, that thing burned my tongue off!  Union-picked romaine lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, cucumber, sprouts, jalapeno jack cheese, roasted Serrano chiles, avocado and cilantro mayo on a ciabatta roll.  I somehow ended up eating the side that had the most serranos in it and it was a very painful experience.  LOL.  I LOVE me some spicy, but I was gulping down water like there was no tomorrow.

Everything was super tasty.  I can see why this place was featured in Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.”  It does definitely look like a dive bar, but the food is amazing.

Called it a night relatively early, and the next day we got breakfast at the Old Pecan Street Cafe.  They technically weren’t opening yet when we walked in, but they were letting people sit and have coffee while they waited for the kitchen to fire up.

I got the migas, which after the spicy that was Casino el Camino I kind of regretted ordering since it was also spicy.  Still good, but my tummy was protesting slightly.  The hubby got french toast, which he enjoyed.

Another day of working, and then met up with some friends at the Food Network food truck gathering to grab some dinner.  Got some awesome Kimchee Fries at Chi’lantro because, as a Korean, I must support my fellow countrymen.  I love this Korean-Mexican fusion wave.  Hope it lasts a while.  We also got a bunch of tacos too (pork, beef, and chicken).  By far, the pork was the best one.

There was also a random Delorean on display.  LOL, random, but pretty awesome to see up close.

And, that was my trip.  We only went down for a day because my boss had an extra guest pass for the day of his panel, but it was fun.  I ended up working our booth for more of the time than I thought, but sometimes that’s how it works out.  Maybe I’ll end up going for a longer period of time next year.


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