Urban Eatz

Recently discovered a new place to grab lunch.  Urban Eatz in Richardson is amazingly, and unexpectedly, delicious!  They have artisan sandwiches without some of the pretentiousness that you’d get at some other bistro-like restaurants.  It’s like if Panera served french fries.

(Pictured above) I got a Southwest Chicken sandwich, which is probably my favorite thing I’ve had there.  Sliced grilled chicken breast with avocado, roasted tomatoes, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, and mixed greens on toasted ciabatta bread.  It’s comfort food with a touch of class.  The fries are so delicious.

I’ve also tried their Tuna Salad, which is pretty tasty.  And the Hubby has gotten their Pulled Pork sandwich (above middle), which he said has a bbq sauce that tastes just like the bbq sauce they use on the McDonald’s McRib.  So, if you’re looking for something with actual meat and that’s probably tons healthier for you (plus, without the fake grill marks), then you’re better off ordering one of these at Urban Eatz.  He’s also had their Club, which he said was also yummy.

Even though there’s a Panera in the same shopping center, we’ve been drawn more and more to Urban Eatz for lunch on weekends.  Can’t wait to go back!


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