Year of the Water Dragon

So, it’s New Year’s Eve (Lunar New Year), and 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon.  To celebrate, the Hubby and I went to our favorite Dim Sum place–Kirin Court in Richardson, TX.

So far, this place has been the best Dim Sum we’ve found in the Dallas area.  If anyone knows of a better place, let me know!

We got all our usual favorites (believe me, the picture above does not show everything we got, it just shows everything we got while my fingers were still clean enough to take a picture).  We did get something new this time that I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  The Hong Kong style waffle.  I’ve been eyeing it, but never got around to actually ordering one.  It pretty much just tastes like a belgian waffle, but with big nodes of dough.  So, like a weird cross between a munchkins doughnut and a waffle.  It would probably have been really good with a side of honey or syrup for dipping.

Now the hard part, I’ve got to clean the house from top to bottom and make a ton of food.  In Chinese culture, you have to clean your house spic and span to rid it of all the bad mojo from the previous year.  It makes room for all the good mojo for the start of the year.  And you’re not supposed to clean on New Year’s Day because you might sweep away all your good luck.

You’re also not supposed to cook on New Year’s Day either, so I’ve got to make enough food to last tomorrow.  And, since I’m Korean, I’m gonna try and make some Ddukguk, which is traditional to eat in on New Year’s Day in Korean culture.  Whew!  Lots to do!


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