Visit to Baltimore and Otakon

Ahhhhh!  It’s been super busy lately!  Work has just been insane and, even though we got back from Baltimore over 2 weeks ago, I’m just now getting caught up.  Why were we in Baltimore?  Well, if it’s summer then that means–Otakon!

What is Otakon?  Well, it’s only the largest anime convention on the east coast.  The picture above is of people lining up to see the premiere of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie–The Sacred Star of Milos.  The room could only seat 3,000 and they had to turn people away.  Crazy!

Anyways, a trip back to Baltimore means that I get to indulge in good seafood; something that is rather lacking in the DFW area.

So, the first night we were there, we wandered over to Fell’s Point and visited Bertha’s.  Which, the trip there was a bit of an adventure since a lot of the streets have been ripped up/blocked off to get ready for the Indy race around Labor Day.  We had seen this place on the Food Network, and had been wanting to try it.  They’re apparently famous for their mussels, and now I know why!  The mussels were absolutely to-die-for!  They were so fresh and cooked to perfection and you have your choice of sauces.  We opted for a Guinness and Old Bay sauce that was really tasty.

My sister ordered a plate of steamed shrimp (which I totally wanted to steal from her).  And we got a plate of crab cakes to share.  These crab cakes were mostly lump crab and very little breading, which was awesome.


And, of course, what trip to Baltimore would be complete without dining at Phillip’s?  I got the soft shell crab sandwich (which I pretty much just ate the soft shell crab and ignored the bread), my sister got the surf and turf, and the Hubby got the scallops.

In keeping with tradition, we also ate lunch at Frank and Nic’s one of the days of the convention.  We found out about this place a few years back when I had lunch with my ex-coworkers in Baltimore.  This place is a great little restaurant that’s on the bottom floor of an apartment complex in the city.  Since it’s right next to the Hilton that’s connected to the Baltimore Convention Center, it’s really convenient for when you’re in the mood for something better than just vending machine food at the con.

I had this killer BLT with fried tomatoes and avocado.  It was really delicious!  And the Hubby had the special of the day, Shrimp Tacos, and these shrimp were huge!  He said it was very tasty.

The convention was amazing, as it always is, and while I’m gonna miss it, it’s good to be back in my home in Texas.


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