Soon Du Bu Adventure

A few weeks ago, the Hubby and I went to H-mart to buy groceries for the week.  We went a little early and decided to get lunch at the To Dam Gol Tofu House.  It’s located in the same strip of shops as the H-mart in Carrollton.

We’ve eaten here quite a few times since their Soon Du Bu is really good.  They’ve also got a pretty traditional Korean feel to the whole place. If you’re not familiar with Soon Du Bu, it’s a spicy Korean stew that is made with tofu and other ingredients.

I was feeling a little adventurous and so I decided to order one of their specials that day – Beef Intestine Soon Du Bu.  It was actually pretty tasty.  Kind of almost like eating tripe at a Pho place.  Very chewy.

The Hubby ordered the dweji (pork) Soon Du Bu, which is what I usually get.  The Soon Du Bu is served with rice, and the rice comes out in these piping hot stone bowls.  Because the bowl is so hot and the rice is steaming, the rice gets burnt onto the the sides of the stone bowl.  The server then scoops the rice into a metal bowl for you and then pours some water into the stone bowl to loosen the burnt on rice.  Once it’s loosened up a bit, you scrape the rice off the sides of the stone and mix it with the water to eat.

My dad loves the stone bowl/rice thing.  He says it reminds him of being back in Korea since they used to eat it that way a lot.  Me, I prefer to have the rice burn a little more on the stone and eat it crispy.



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