Dinner and a little club salsa

Last night we decided to be a little adventurous and try out Gloria’s in Addison (they’ve also got a location in Dallas, but Addison was closer to us.)  We’ve heard the food there is really good and on the weekends it turns into a salsa club at 11pm. 

The Hubby and I started ballroom dancing lessons before our wedding, and we liked it so much we’ve stuck with it.  So, the night before, we asked our teacher to give us some moves we could use on the dance floor at Gloria’s.

Armed with our new dance moves, we headed out to Gloria’s in search of good food and some hot Latin dancing.  We arrived around 9 pm and we were told that it would be a half hour wait for a table.  The place was absolutely packed!  I hadn’t eaten since 12 noon, so I was about ready to pass out.  I left to use the restroom, and apparently the Hubby decided to ditch me!  Not really, but when I came out of the restroom he was gone.  I waited there for another 15 – 20 minutes, and when he didn’t turn up, I went looking for him (thinking he went to use the men’s room).  Being unfamiliar with the place, it took a while to find the men’s room, and he wasn’t there.  I turn around and he’s waving at me from a table!  Turns out the hostess had come to seat us right as I left for the restroom.

Course, I threw a tiny hissy fit and chastised him for not coming to get me since I had been waiting at the front.  Sometimes, I just don’t know what goes through his head.  How can a person be so smart and yet so clueless?  Anyways, we ordered our food, and it literally came out 5 minutes after we ordered!  Man, they were super fast!

The Hubby ordered the Lechon Asado (Grilled pork tenderloin, marinated and cooked to perfection, served in a chile ancho sauce with Argentinian sausage, plantain, yucca, black beans and rice), I was still glaring at him during dinner, but I did sneak a bite of the sausage and it was pretty tasty.  I ordered the Carne Asada (Steak, marinated and cooked to perfection, served with black beans, rice and guacamole) and I have to say that I was disappointed.  The portion is very reasonable, but I was absolutely starving and since we didn’t eat until 10 pm it was just not enough food for me.  Plus, the steak was very thin and the marinade was nothing to cheer about.  I’ve had better carne asada, so I wouldn’t really recommend this if you’re looking for something amazing.

However, the chocolate flan we ordered for dessert, that’s another story!  So dense and chocolatey, this was truly plate licking good.

So, we ate and then sat at our table waiting for the dancing to start.  The staff cleared away the tables and the band got set up.  We headed to the floor and attempted to get our groove on.  But, alas, the restaurant is not that big, and there were a ton of people there.  We were packed like sardines.  I’m not a fan of crowded places.  I don’t like having my personal space invaded and we kept getting bumped into.  We still had fun, but the band played about 5 songs and then it switched from salsa to techno club music.  Still fun, but not what we had come for.  We danced for a bit longer and then left a little after midnight–ears ringing.

What did I learn?  Well, for one thing, I think we’re too old to go clubbing. The music was too loud, and the crowd was just insane.  But, I did like learning club salsa, so maybe we’ll just stick to dancing by ourselves at home.  ^_^


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