Commencement Trip

Wow, oh wow. What a trip.  Just the thing I needed before starting my new job.  I was so proud to see my Hubby walk across the stage and get his Ph.D.  *sniff sniff.  They grow up so fast.

But, I have to say I was a little more excited about being able to eat all the stuff in CT and NYC that I don’t get to eat on a regular basis!

First up, Ted’s Montana Grill.  We got the Bison Chili to start, then I got a Bison Sirloin and the Hubby got the Bison Meatloaf.  Very yummy.  Love Bison!  The loveliness of steak without all the fat. And the Bison Chili is so good, with a little kick of jalapeno.

The next night, we went to Rocco’s for dinner.  I LOVE this place.  I know the owner, and she’s an absolute doll.  We started with calamari, some fried oysters and some stuffed mushrooms.  They cook the calamari perfectly so that it’s not chewy, and it’s fried with some spicy peppers so that it gives it a really nice heat.  The fried oysters were good, though I prefer fried clams.  The mushrooms were also nice, very strong cheese filling.

Then we ordered salad, spaghetti, and lobster ravioli.  The salad and spaghetti was our go-to carry out dinner when we were living in CT.  The salad is so yummy and the house dressing is magical.  I wish I could have taken some of that dressing home with me, but I didn’t want to carry it on the plane.  The spaghetti is a perfect portion to share with two people and the two meatballs are perfect size to divide up so no one feels like they got cheated.  The Hubby got the ravioli and he said it was very good.

Course, we also had to get dessert, which was this delicious, amazingly perfect key lime tart.  Sooooooo gooooooood!

Since this is the last time we’ll probably be in CT, this was a nice little farewell dinner.  Now that the Hubby has graduated, there’s really no excuse for us to make the trip up there.

Now, off to NYC!  The next day we drove into the city and had lunch at Social Eatz, brain child of celebrity chef, Angelo Sosa (from Top Chef fame).  We started with the spring rolls, which had a hint of ginger that I’m not a fan of, but the dipping sauce was out of this world.  I got the bibimbap burger (shown above with it’s top off, wooo!)  It was absolutely delicious.  Not sure how much I thought it tasted like bibimbap, but it was still yummy.  The Hubby got the imperialist dog, which I was a little disapointed cause it doesn’t really look like it’s picture on the website, but it still tasted good.

We ended the meal with dessert and ordered the Yuzu balls.  Fried little doughnuts with a yuzu filling.  I’ve never had yuzu before, so wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was quite a treat!  Citrusy and tart, really nice.

Then we were off to Hell’s Kitchen for their Flea Market and Food Truck marathon.  Didn’t try the Kimchee Taco truck, though I wanted to, but we opted to get a half lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster (I miss really good seafood… damn Texas) and a really delicious Pink Guava slushie drink from Kelvin’s.  Nom nom nom!

After looking around the flea market a bit, we headed back toward our hotel and chilled out in the Kinokuniya bookstore while sipping some tea.  I got a little onigiri rice triangle and we snacked on this egg custard dish that was very close to a flan.

We went to the hotel to relax and then headed out to for MORE tea.  We hopped on over to Frachia, which is this really nifty organic, vegan Korean tea place.

The Hubby got a light white tea and I got a fruity herbal tea that was really delicious.  We noshed on some assorted steamed dumplings and a kimchee roll.  Man, that kimchee roll was amazing!  I never thought to eat a kimchee roll with wasabi, but it added a whole other level of kick to it that I really liked!

After tea we took the train down to Chinatown for dinner at Golden Unicorn.  As I’m writing this blog post, it occurs to me just how MUCH we ate that day… I’m feeling a bit piggish now.  Ha ha.

So, we ordered a shrimp and scallop dish that the waiter recommended that came in this kick ass sauce, and the Hubby wanted to try this other dish that had duck web, sea cucumber and black mushrooms.  It was a casserole like dish.  I loved the shrimp and scallop but not a huge fan of the duck web.  I like chicken feet at dim sum, and duck web (basically duck feet) are like huge chicken feet but much tougher.  They’re also really difficult to eat.  Course, the Hubby had no problem, and really liked the dish.  I also found out that apparently he’s a huge fan of sea cucumber, which I didn’t know before.  Huh.

We went back to the hotel for the night and then the next morning we got up at the crack of 8am and took the train uptown to get some breakfast at Rue 57.

I looked this place up cause I thought it sounded interesting.  The interior is absolutely gorgeous, it’s got dark wood and kind of a patina finish to stuff.  They’ve got big urns of cherry blossom branches all over the place.  The concept is kind of a French/Japanese mix.  The menu is also pretty reflective of that, and they’ve got a sushi bar as well.  Unfortunately, the breakfast menu doesn’t have very many Japanese items, which was disappointing, but it was still delicious.  I got an omelette with garlic sausage, roasted red peppers and brie, with a side of home fries that were da bomb!  The Hubby, with his sweet tooth, got the brioche french toast with strawberries and marscapone cream with a hint of vanilla.  Heavenly!

Then we walked through Central Park to walk off breakfast.

So, that pretty much concludes our trip/eating extravaganza.  The next day we drove back up to CT and took a plane back to Dallas.  I’m still recovering from all the eating we did last weekend.

Central Park


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