Cinco de Mayo

Happy almost Cinco de Mayo!  In honor of this day, I made some homemade guacamole, courtesy of a recipe from Alton Brown.  I love him, he makes food so interesting and I always learn something when I watch Good Eats.

I am by no means a chef.  I’m a fairly decent cook, but my philosophy is “keep it simple.”  If a recipe has too many steps in it, or requires me to get something ridiculous like homemade sea salt, then I’m out.  So, that’s the main reason why I have shied away from making guacamole at home.  I love this stuff at restaurants, perhaps love it too much since it’s fairly fatty.  I did try to make it once at home and it was an absolute disaster.  It tasted bland and I think the avocados I used were not ripe yet.  Plus…I may not have followed the directions precisely….

This time, since they were having such a good sale on avocado and lime and tomato (all the things that go in a good guac) I decided to give it a try using this Alton Brown recipe I found through google.

This guacamole is so addictive!  I can’t stop eating it!  I think I’ve eaten 2 cups of it by myself…. and maybe half a bag of Tostitos…  Seriously, this stuff is goooooood!  And the recipe is pretty easy.  I think the cumin and paprika really added a nice kick to it.  I also added some jalapeno for some heat.

And, though I know it’s not Mexican, I made some really simple raw coleslaw (no mayo, just olive oil and lemon with some soy sauce) and some dry rubbed baby back ribs.  I’m trying to incorporate more raw food into our diets after getting scared from watching the documentary Food Matters.  The rib recipe is from Dave Lieberman who had one of my favorite shows on Food Network, Good Deal with Dave Lieberman, where he would show you how to make good gourmet-esque food on a budget.  I don’t think they’re making any new episodes, which is a pity cause it was a really good show.  Anyways, this recipe is AMAZING.  It’s truly a craveable dish.  The Hubby loves these ribs, he gets all excited when I tell him I’m making them for dinner.  He’s so cute!


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