Sunday Dim Sum

Sunday, the Hubby and I had a craving for dim sum, so we went to our favorite dim sum place in Richardson–Kirin Court.  This place is really good.  Yes, we’ve had better in New York/Flushing/San Francisco, but for Dallas I think this place is the best.

I am addicted to their soy sauce noodles.  They’re so simple to make and they’re probably really bad for me cause it’s just stir fried noodles in soy sauce with some bean sprouts and onions, but I can’t stop eating it.  And before you ask, yes, the Hubby and I ate all of the above dishes all by ourselves…

We really need to go with a large group of people.  Dim sum is so much better in a large group because despite what you may think given how much we ate, there are sooooo many more dishes we’d love to try.

If you’re unfamiliar with dim sum, it’s basically like the Chinese version of high tea.  You get tea and people with carts come around and you pick stuff off of their carts to eat.  It’s a bunch of small portions to share.

The service at Kirin Court is inconsistent.  Some servers are really nice and very attentive, and sometimes you really have to flag someone down just to get some more tea or your check.  Also, sometimes the cart pushers will just zoom by your table without stopping to show you what they have, and sometimes you get the really pushy ones that try to get you to take it even if you say no.

All in all, I love this place.  Depending on what time you get there (the real dim sum is usually only served on the weekends until 3pm), it can be REALLY crowded.  Their website advertises dim sum all day, but I think after 3pm on weekends you just order it off a menu and they heat it up in the back and just bring it to your table.  There are also tons of Chinese people in there so you know it’s really good food when the natives will go.  But that’s the same for any culture.

Debating if we should hit the dim sum place up in NYC/Flushing while we’re there this coming weekend.  But there are so many other food places I want to try that we may not have time.  I guess that’s what frequent flyer miles are for.


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