Last Day

So, Friday was my last day at my old job.  Yay!  I’m taking a week off, and then the Hubby and I fly up to CT on Friday for his commencement ceremony, where he will then be officially crowned “Dr. Hunny.”  While we’re in CT, we plan to spend a day in NYC, which I am super excited about.

I worked in a college at a university, and our dean wanted to take our office out for lunch in honor of my last day.  I love my dean. He’s amazing to work with, and if I wasn’t leaving for my dream job, I probably wouldn’t have ever left.

Lunch was my pick, and I decided on Rasoi, a quaint Indian restaurant in Denton, TX.  Rasoi looks a little shady from the outside cause the restaurant is actually in a modified gas station.  There are even still pumps outside the store.

I got the Chicken Tikka Masala with some mixed veggies curry over rice (picture on left), and my other coworker got the potato and spinach curry with mixed veggies curry over rice and some cabbage salad (picture on right).  This place is so unassumingly good!  The name itself means “home kitchen” and that’s exactly what it tastes like, some really, really good home cooking.  Plus, their samosas (see top picture) are the second best I’ve ever had in my life, the first being the ones a friend’s dad would make us in college.

I’m gonna miss being able to go to this place for lunch whenever I want, but since I’m still taking masters classes, I guess I’ll at least be able to get some for dinner when I’m on campus.


One response to “Last Day

  1. congrats on your new job! And have fun in NYC. 🙂

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