Two wonderful years

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.  It’ll mark two wonderful years with the Hubby.  yay!  Course, we’ve been together for about 11 years now, so I would hardly call us newlyweds.

I just have to brag, because it was the one thing that I HAD to have at my wedding.  We got the Ace of Cakes to make our wedding cake.  (Does it look familiar?  It’s my blog’s header!)  Since the Hubby and I are big video game enthusiasts, we got a replica of the Rainbow Road track in Mario Kart made out of cake.  The figures are made of fondant.  In the middle, there is a Hello Kitty wearing a traditional Korean hanbok and a Dear Daniel wearing a traditional Chinese outfit.  They are supposed to represent myself and the Hubby.

Charm City Cakes was wonderful to work with.  We got to meet Duff in person, and he was so charming and funny!  Even better, we’re all alumni from the same university!  The cake turned out fabulously, and it was a complete show stopper at our wedding.  Not only did it look amazing, but it also tasted amazing!  We got two layers: Red Velvet and Strawberry Shortcake.  Both were out of this world.  And yes, that is us cutting into a Wii.  Awesome!!


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