Don’t forget Whole Foods for lunch

Sliced beef brisket sandwich

I always forget about the option of Whole Foods for lunch until I am actually there.  They’ve got a pretty awesome to-go section that includes sushi, pizza, BBQ, sandwiches, and more.  Since yesterday was a half day because of Good Friday, the Hubby and I decided to try and catch the free cupcake at Sprinkles (which was Green Tree Vanilla cupcake that looks amazing).

Unfortunately, by the time we got there they had met their quota for the free cupcakes.  Damn!  This is actually the first time we haven’t gotten a free cupcake when we’ve gone.  I guess they must have been SUPER busy.  Well, we were already there and the cupcakes looked so good, so we got a strawberry cupcake for me and a brown sugar praline for the Hubby.  The strawberry one is soooo sweet, but really good.  The brown sugar praline was also yummy.  The crushed pralines on the top added a very nice texture.

After our delicious cupcakes, we looked for some place to grab lunch.  The Hubby has declared that from now until we leave for CT (in May we are heading up to CT for the Hubby’s commencement ceremony.  He’s walking across the stage to get his diploma for his doctorate) we are not allowed to eat any place that requires us to tip.  It’s his compromise to me to try and save some money for our trip.  While we’re in CT, we plan to spend a day in NYC, so he wanted to try and save a little money.

We spotted a Whole Foods across the highway, and remembered how much we had liked their BBQ sandwiches.  We headed over and were blown away at how huge this Whole Foods was!  They had a BBQ counter, a drink counter that served kombucha, a dip station, a sandwich/pizza counter, a coffee bar, and even a salad bar with a dessert section!  I think they also had a real bar inside as well that served beer and wine.

Anyways, so we headed to the BBQ counter and I got the sliced beef brisket (see above photo) and the Hubby got a smoked sausage sandwich.  The only thing that was missing was some handcut fries.  We can get the handcut fries at the Whole Foods that’s closer to our house, but for some reason it wasn’t available at this one.  Or, maybe it was and we just couldn’t find it.

After eating our delicious BBQ lunch, we walked over to the Old Navy next door and did a little shopping.  Perfect way to end this little excursion.


2 responses to “Don’t forget Whole Foods for lunch

  1. mmm….. I wonder why we have no Whole Foods in my neighborhood. I guess Trader Joes is dominating this area. Whole Foods can be really expensive, but I would like to indulge sometimes. 🙂 I LOVE their fruit tarts by the bakery section. it’s amazing.

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