Moment of weakness

I had a horrible moment of weakness the other day and had a (very) late lunch at Chick-fil-a.  Curse them and their delicious, delicious spicy chicken sandwich…

I’m been swamped with the statistics project from hell, and was pretty much strapped to my computer until about 3pm when the Hubby finally pried me away long enough to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  Why Chick-fil-a?  Mostly because I didn’t have the energy left to fix anything for lunch, and also cause we have one of those nifty Chick-fil-a promo calendars with the coupons for each month.  This month’s free item was an 8-piece nugget.  Yum!

Their spicy chicken sandwich is perfection, and their waffle fries haunt my dreams.  Please don’t ever tell me how unhealthy this is for me because I will be truly forlorn.  Nom nom nom…  Is there a more perfect combo in the world?  I think not, well, not in fast food anyway.

There I am, happily eating my lunch and I look up to see this man’s shirt.  It’s pretty blurry cause I took the picture with my iPhone trying to pretend I was texting so as not to arouse his suspicions.  It reads, “My standards are almost as low as my truck.”  Now, I have to wonder how his wife/significant other feels about that shirt…

Anyway, to prove that I wasn’t a total lost cause, I did cook dinner that night.  I made my own “spicy” chicken, which consisted of me grilling some chicken breasts on the outdoor grill.  I sprinkled them with salt, pepper and some paprika.  I’m so happy that it’s grilling season again, food tastes so much better when it’s been grilled outside.  It makes me feel very manly.  Ha ha!  Even if I have to get the Hubby to light the propane for me since I’m scared I’m going to set myself on fire…  I served the chicken with a side of watercress sauteed with shiitake mushrooms and then I stir-fried some lotus root that I glazed with soy sauce.  Yummy!


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