Celebration Dinner at Giovanni’s in Dallas

Dolmeh from Giovannis

I got some amazing news today.  I went in for a final interview with my dream company, and I got offered the position!  So, pending any unforeseen circumstances, I will be in a new job in a few short weeks.

To celebrate, the Hubby and I went to Giovanni’s in Dallas for dinner.  We first went to this restaurant with the Hubby’s doctoral advisor when he was visiting from CT.  His advisor is Persian, and he’s a bit of a food snob when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine.  Giovanni’s is unique in that it’s both a Mediterranean and Italian restaurant.  They have two menus, one for Mediterranean and one for Italian.  We’ve never tried any of the Italian fare, but if it’s anywhere near as good as the Mediterranean, then it’ll be amazing!

Here is a description of Giovanni’s:

With traditional, authentic Italian, Mediterranean and Persian foods prepared with care and perfection, make Giovanni’s your dinner or lunch choice today. We also offer to-go orders and catering.

Come in and enjoy a belly dancing show, live music
and DJ on Friday and Saturday nights!

When you first sit down, they give you some pita bread and some fresh herbs with a couple cubes of goat cheese and radishes and onions.  Then we ordered some Mast-O-Mooseer (A tasty dip of chopped shallots mixed with homemade yogurt) and some Dolmeh (see above). 

The Mast-O-Mooseer is interesting.  It tastes just like a garlic aioli, but it has no garlic!  They also give you a ton of it, so it’s a good starter to share with a lot of people.  Since there was just the two of us, we packed a lot of it to take home. 

I got their Special Combination plate (one skewer of chicken breast and one skewer of ground beef kabob served with white basmati saffron rice and grilled tomatoes) but I asked them to put their spicy seasoning on the chicken.  So yummy!  The chicken comes out looking like huge shrimp.  The seasoning is absolutely perfect if you like really spicy food (which I do, hello Korean heritage). 

The Hubby ordered the Lamb Kabob, aka Bareh, (marinated, skewered and charbroiled, served with white basmati saffron rice and grilled tomatoes).  The lamb was cooked perfectly.  If you’re a fan of lamb, you’ll love this dish.  They don’t put any heavy seasoning on it, and the taste of the lamb really comes through.

They also have live entertainment.  There was a man with an electronic keyboard on the stage and he sang an eclectic mix of Sinatra, some French songs, some Spanish songs, and some Italian opera; all with a fairly thick Persian accent.  Great singer, though.  We’ve only ever been on a Friday evening, and the last time we were there they had a fabulous belly dancer.  She was really amazing.

So, if you ever find yourself over on Preston Road in Dallas, definitely try out Giovanni’s.


2 responses to “Celebration Dinner at Giovanni’s in Dallas

  1. now I want some kabob. There is really good kabob place near Wild Lake. We should go try that place when you visit sometime. 🙂

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