Pasta and Curry

Shrimp, Leek and Spinach pasta

I like to cook.  Plus, the Hubby loves my cooking (….or at least that’s what he says.  I can’t tell if he just likes saving the money we would normally spend by eating out…) My favorite magazine in the whole world is Real Simple.  The magazine itself is so pretty and the spreads are so visually stimulating.  I absolutely adore their food section, and most of the recipes I end up trying are from Real Simple.

The recipe I tried for dinner the other night was for their Shrimp, Leek and Spinach pasta.  Pretty straightforward and easy enough to make.  The Hubby ended up really liking it a lot.  You can link to the recipe I used by clicking on the picture above.

The sauce was nice and not too creamy, which is what the Hubby was afraid of from looking at the Real Simple picture.  I will definitely have to make this one again, and next time I will use fresh shrimp.  The frozen in a bag just doesn’t cut it, even though it tasted fine.

So, the pasta was last night.  Tonight, I made a Green Curry.  I got some Green Curry roux from H-Mart (yay!  H-Mart) and used some coconut milk that I got on sale at H-Mart (yay! H-Mart).  I tossed in some chicken and then added green bell peppers, onions, tomato and then folded in some shredded carrot and spinach at the end.  The spinach at the end so that it didn’t cook out too much in the curry and the carrot at the end cause I still wanted some crunch.

I served over some brown rice with a little diced scallion on top.  I also sauteed some asparagus and some turnip greens (they were about to go bad so I had to make them!)  I finished off the asparagus with some chili oil and sesame seeds for texture.  Yum!

All in all, pretty successful.  I thought it was really tasty.  I’ve made Red Curry before and not liked it so much.  I think I’m going to stick with the Green Curry from now on.


One response to “Pasta and Curry

  1. awesome food! Have you heard of Simply Recipes? This is the site that I go and drool over and once in a while try the recipes… Now I got two websites to drool over. 🙂 good work!

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