Kor-BQ: Korean Taco Adventure

Not too long ago, the Hubby and I decided to try out the Kor-BQ in Plano, TX.  We had already tried Goghee to Go in Dallas for their Korean Tacos and were not extremely impressed.  I had my reservations about the Kor-BQ, but decided to try them out since they were much closer to our house and I’d rather not go all the way to Dallas to get my Korean Taco fix.


I was pretty blown away.  I mean, they had some pretty good reviews on Urbanspoon and on the Foodspotting app, but I haven’t always agreed with reviews.  I have to say, these were some delicious tacos.  I got the Dweji (spicy pork) tacos with the soy dressing and kimchee.  The Hubby got the Galbi tacos.

The best part?  It’s freaking inside.  The major drawback for Goghee to Go (at least for me) was that it’s just a carry out window with no inside.  You’d either have to take it “to go” or eat outside on one of the tables.  While Kor-BQ doesn’t have any chairs, it’s got a long bar table on the wall where you can set your food and eat standing up.

We definitely have to go back again.  They have some other really interesting things on their menu that I really want to try, and I hear they just added eggrolls.  Each of the tacos are pretty small, so you’ll need at least three to make it a meal, but the nice thing is that you can mix and match the tacos (so if you want to get 2 pork and 1 beef, you can).


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